… It’s Been Way Too Long


It’s been over a month since I last blogged. A lot has changed. I bought a house. It had no furniture, no heat and terrible Venetian blinds for an awfully long time. It still has no heat but it now looks a little more like a place you’d actually want to live in/the inside of a jaffa cake…


I had my first short story aired on Radio 4. Here we all are listening to it in the same room before it got furniture….


I cut all my hair off and though it is now fine, I did spend a full week looking exactly like Grayson Perry, as illustrated by this charming portrait, drawn by a child during one of my Primary School creative writing workshops. (Look at that fringe!)


I had a go at performing with my own string quartet. Thankfully this didn’t involve any musical turns on my part. I just wrote and read some new spoken word pieces between the movements of Haydn’s Seven Last Words from the Cross and made a complete hash of taking an end of show bow. It was a fantastic experience and an absolute treat to get to work and collaborate with a fellow ex-Cambridge House pupil, Laura Sinnerton, who is now playing viola with the BBC orchestra in Cardiff. Here I am post-show trying to look like I’m part of the band.


t finished the edits on my Postcard Stories collection and it’s off to print now, I’ll be launching it with the Emma Press on Tuesday 30th May at 6:30pm in the Strand Arts Centre. You should come. Here’s a wee link to the Facebook Invite with all the relevant information. Just in case you’re still swithering have a wee look at the fabulous job Benjamin Phillips has done on the cover design. There are more of his beautiful illustrations punctuating the text. It really is a very pretty little book.


Finally, and probably most importantly, I left my day job about ten days ago. From now on I’ll be spending my days writing, (although mostly so far it’s just been editing and moving semi-colons around various manuscripts), facilitating different arts projects, moderating literary events, teaching creative writing workshops and running arts events and workshops for older people. I am also watching far too much daytime cinema and turning the power nap into an art form. I’m having a pretty brilliant time. It’s only been ten days so I’m not exactly an expert on this freelance thing yet but already I can’t understand how I was managing to squeeze so much into my day and still clock 40 hours a week in work. I have lots of resolutions for this next season of my life, (finish reading all the Agatha Christies in the world, walk six miles every day, stop drinking so much coffee, write an Opera- honestly), and becoming a better, more regular blogger is right up there at the top of this list… promising now, it won’t be so long ’til the next instalment.


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