The Seven Day Mile


This is yet another very short blog to say a massive thank you to everyone who made the last seven days so much more than manageable. They say it takes a village to raise a child, I’ve learnt this week that it takes an entire city to launch a book.


For me this week has involved too many radio interviews to recall, trying to keep reading even as my throat succumbs to a horrible cold, approximately four pints of soluble Vitamin C, a heck of a lot of photographs and rapid outfit changes in odd places, much dashing, much diary juggling, much smiling and a little crying, (in a good way). Trying to answer emails while walking/eating/posing for photographs. Wobbling along the fine line between overwhelmed and incredibly excited as I read all the lovely emails appearing in my inbox. Trying and mostly making a hash of trying to remember everyone’s name and how its spelt. Two kilos of gingerbread and a further kilo of shortbread, plus a Caramac revival. Also a lot of trying, and failing, to keep my hair under control in blowy, outdoor photographs, (most notably under the shipyard cranes where I was told I looked windswept but not in a mysterious Wuthering Heights-esque fashion). Dealing with the odd feelings which arise and settle somewhere between pride and complete horror when you see things you’ve written beginning to appear in newspapers and journals and know that people are actual going to read them. A strange pain in my calves which might be exhaustion and might just as easily come from spending an uncharacteristically large proportion of the week in heels. This has been my week. It’s been a head melt and a complete blast. I’m knackered but very happy.

For you, the wonderful individuals who make up my community, this week has involved, baking hundreds of little biscuit people, decorating dozens of paper dolls, standing on tables and holding lamps at odd angles to get the light right, taking millions of photographs and not even getting cross when I blink in 99% of them, filling my freezer with home-cooked meals, turning up early, staying late, moving chairs/tables/elderly people around, sending encouraging emails, texts, incredible letters, blogs, postcards and tiny little hand-crafted children’s children, constantly placing coffee/wine/water bottles into my hand, driving me places, driving biscuits places, keeping the laughter from succumbing to exhaustion. Being wonderful. Hooray for all you. You’ve made this week very special. Now I sleep.


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