This Week


Apologies in advance for what will most likely be an extremely generic blog. It’s been a busy few weeks and only looks to be getting busier. By Friday I’ll have clocked in eight radio interviews in the last few weeks and I’ve lost count of how many questions about writing habits and which authors have most influenced my work I’ve answered in the last wee while. I’m coming down with the cold and feeling the pinch of juggling a day job and all the business that goes along with launching a new book. I’m looking forward to a very far off point in the future when I can go to bed with Iplayer and a stack of books and catch up with my own soul.


BUT, tiredness and sniffly nose aside I don’t think I’ve been this excited at the beginning of a new month in a very long time. Children’s Children is in the shops. Thanks to the wonderful Karen Vaughan it looks great. I have readings a plenty already booked in for the Spring and Summer and a fabulous collaboration with the visual artist, Orla McAdam in the pipeline. I’m off to the States in a few weeks time and have a couple of top secret, very exciting announcements to make towards the end of Spring. It’s all good and actually starting to feel like the last few year’s hard work has been worth it after all.


This coming Thursday (March 3rd), we’ll be launching my short story collection, Children’s Children in the Crescent Arts Centre at 6:30pm. They’ll be a short reading, delicious biscuits, (thanks to my mum and the legend that is, Hilary Copeland), wine and music from the wonderful Hannah McPhillimy. I’d love it if you came along. It has taken an enormous community of people to translate these stories from little fledgling ideas into an actual book and I know it’s going to take an army of strong shoulders and wise heads to steer me through the next crazy season. So it only seems fitting that we celebrate this one together. You’d be so very welcome to come along on Thursday. You’d be even more welcome to bring a few friends. I can’t promise I’ll be wide awake for the whole evening, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy.




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