What We Did Next


I’ve got some exciting news. Actually I’ve got lots of exciting news but most of it has to stay secret for a little while longer. This one I can tell you all about though. Today my good friend Orla McAdam and I had our first meeting about a wee project we’re going to be collaborating on over the next six months. Orla is a fantastic visual artist, (and a brilliant teacher of art), and also a brave woman. She’s taken up the challenge of creating fifteen pieces of new work, each one based on one of the short stories in my forthcoming collection “Children’s Children.”She’s going to do a stellar job of it.


As with all collaborative projects we have absolutely no idea how this will turn out. I’m guessing brilliant if it’s anything like last year’s collaboration with musician Hannah McPhillimy. I’m also expecting most of the truly good stuff to be found in the process of collaboration as much as the finished article. We’re scaring ourselves a little and, despite the fact that no art has been made yet, have already booked exhibition space at Common Grounds in June. We’re going to be launching the exhibition as part of Belfast Book Festival. They’ll be some sort of celebratory, launch type event happening during the Festival. We really hope you can all come. In the mean time please give Orla an encouraging pat on the back/glass of wine/inspiring word every time you see her. That’s her up there in the wooly hat, (the one who’s not me).

Here is a link to a blog I wrote about collaborating with Hannah McPhillimy and becoming extremely stressed



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