2015 Postcard Project


This year, whilst traveling around the US as part of the big research trip for my forthcoming novel, Roundabouts, I wrote and posted home around 50 shorts stories written on the back of postcards. It proved to be a really enjoyable and worthwhile way of document my adventures and though some of the stories were little more than quick sketches, a few of them turned into really great little short stories. The project proved to be a great way to hone my flash fiction writing skills and definitely made me a better/nosier observer while I was traveling. It was also a nice way to involve some good friends in my writing.


I love projects. I’m quite a goal-orientated person and like having something to aim for. The first draft of the new novel is almost finish and the next stage will be the boring editing and redrafting stage so to give myself something a little more creative to get my teeth into, in 2015, I’ve decided to revisit the postcard project. I’m going to aim to write 100 short short stories on the back of postcards this year. Each story will be inspired by something I see or overhear this year. I’ll mail the stories to friends and post them up here every so often. I’ll be kicking the project off on January 1st and am already looking forward to it. If you’re a friend and would like to receive a postcard send me an email with your address and I’ll make sure you get one at some point in the year.


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