Postcard Stories – New York


14th October 2014 – Kristen Curry

“The German Minimalist, or perhaps Nouveau Realist, Otto Piene places a square canvas on a wooden frame approximately one foot above his head. The canvas faces downwards forming a flat roof over the artist’s head. Piene lights four candles on a tray and moves the flames in a perfect, uncompromising circle around the canvas edge. What remains after the incident looks like the end of all time.”

15th October 2014 – Catherine Carson

“New York city is an iceberg. Approximately one third of its weight looms just below the sidewalk. In the overground world skyscrapers scrape the clouds and custard yellow cabs shuffle and settle like abacus beads, arranging themselves neatly around each stoplight. People function and most everything speeds. Occasionally the sadness underfoot leaks out in white steam plumes and footless pigeons, in spine-broke umbrellas and aged ladies offering plastic pearls for the swap of your shoes.”

16th October 2014 – Tim Martin

“Despite its size and the unarguable influence it has had on the development of American music- both classical and contemporary- trying to find Carnegie Hall is like looking for an ice cube in the rain. She tucks herself into the crevice of a Wells Fargo ATM machine to consult her maps, refuses to ask a local, “how do you get to Carnegie Hall?” for fear of walking into her own tired punchline, comes away empty-eyed and exhausted.”

17th October 2014 – Gabriel DeRose

“I was going to throw my copy of John Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley” off the Staten Island Ferry, hoping it would float up the Hudson and find you, two beats behind me, in some mid-sized American city, driving. But I slept in and the ferry was late and the Hudson, it transpires, connects the Atlantic to nothing in particular, and I hadn’t finished with Steinbeck and thought you deserved so much more.”


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