Postcard Stories – Baltimore


11th October 2014 – Sam Moles

“Everything is louder in Baltimore. The people on street corners hold their cell phone six inches from their faces and yell at their relatives in DC and Boston. The birds congregating by the aquarium are a tropical rainforest, amplified. Even the silence, sandwiched between sirens and speeding cars, seems louder and more insistent than an ordinary city silence.”

11th October 2014 – Joy Dickinson

“Having misplaced her way home she is forced to lift her eyes from the sidewalk and the signs casually competing for her attention and follow instead those futuristic skyscrapers. Tracing a route from the glum grey harbour, up the hill to her hotel via the peaks and laminated pitches of the Baltimore skyline, she thinks of Hansel and also Gretel, and the bad, bad problems which befall those who never look up.”

11th October 2014 – Zosia Kuczynska

“The chamber of wonders at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland contains a wall-mounted alligator, a tiger rug, (currently masquerading as a curtain), butterflies, bugs and sundry flying beasts, two suits of armour, pistols, (both modern and historic), books, paintings, seashells, figurines of various deities and a full set of Japanese tourists in pristine condition, smiling as they capture the wonder on their very modern smartphones.”

11th October 2014 – Deborah McIlwrath

 “This is Jim. He’s with the competition,” says the man in the Argyll sweater.

 Jim is American.

Everyone else at the table is that very particular breed of Englishman, abroad. They are drinking piss-coloured beer in pint glasses, watching regular football on a flat screen TV.

Jim positions himself on the far side of the table where he can watch the American football without drawing too much attention to himself. He would very much like a whisky sour. He orders, “a pint of whatever they’re having.”


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