Postcard Stories – Washington DC


8th October 2014 – Oliver Griffiths

“The elephant who was fond of watermelon was also fond of other more pedestrian foods: peanuts, cheese and Greek yogurt to name but a few. Watermelons, however, remained his first choice snack every time he visited the grocery store. Without fingers or knives and, taking into consideration that ever-present trunk, the challenge of consuming something so large and inconsiderate, was a pleasure in and of itself.”

9th October 2014 – Susan Fischer

“Thirty two of forty three American presidents kept dogs, as pets, at the White House. The other eleven, who were either cold-hearted, or allergic, felt the pressure to conform and occasionally rode horses or watched birds, careful to ensure these moments were captured on camera.”

10th October 2014 – John Om

“At night when the tourists put their click, click, clicking cameras back into their pockets and leave the Lincoln Memorial for dinner at the Hard Rock Café and other chain staples, Abraham Lincoln rises slowly from his throne and, keeping to the shadowy edges of the Mall, takes his daily constitutional, coaxing the weariness out of his marbled joints.”


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