Postcard Stories – Nashville


4th October 2014 – Jill Hamill

“Each Fall the Osage Orange tree succumbs to the demands of gravity and allows it seed to drop upon the lanes and hallowed lawns of Vanderbilt University. These fruit are not like common American fruits found at the grocery store. They are green as cartoon caterpillars, solid and sized as an average baseball. At least one student per year, lingering beneath the branches, will be killed by the impact of a falling Osage Orange. Another handful of students, having experienced the benevolent rush of a near miss, will stare at these incongruous items as they collect by the cafeteria, and question their own sense of belonging in such a well-ordered place.”

5th October 2014 – Stephen Sexton

“The year that Nashville flooded, breaching the five hundred year floodline and rising to engulf the stage at the Grand Ole Opry, hundreds and thousands of acoustic guitars, suddenly loosed from their stands and handmade cabinets, floated down the swollen Cumberland and far out to sea, forming rafts and, later, unintentional islands, bound together with the melodies and sixth generation songs of the Smokey Mountains.”

7th October 2014 – Chris Lindsay

“When they first began the refurbishment of the Ryman Auditorium, original home of the Grand Ole Opry, every piece of chewing gum ever chewed and wedged surreptitiously to the underside of a pew was preserved as a memorial to all those braced and booted regular folk who kept the Opry ringing through its formative years. Once collected in a display case the gum formed a man-sized was; a pink white ghost of the good old days, still humming with the sunshine smell of double mint and juicy fruit.”


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