Postcard Stories Vancouver BC


18th September 2014 – Tom Saunders

“At ten minutes to three a taxi pulled up outside the man’s door. He had not ordered a taxi nor even considered leaving the house this afternoon. However, curious to see where the taxi might take him, he put on a jacket, locked his house and slipped into the backseat. He had nothing with him more substantial than a handful of coins and a supermarket loyalty card. Without consulting him the taxi driver drove the man to the nearest airport and left him by the departure gates. Having come thus far, the man considered flying to some unspecified destination. Checking his pockets, he discovered that he did not have enough money for a flight. Even the taxi ride home was beyond his means.”

19th September 2014 – Noel Griffin

 “This was not the strangest thing she’d discovered since moving in. The man in the apartment below kept an owl in his ice box, dead and wrapped in a Ziploc baggie. She stumbled upon it whilst searching for ice cubes. She was fixing gin and tonics before dinner.

 “What’s this?” she asked, holding the dead owl aloft. It’s face, ghost frozen against the whitening plastic, was some arctic creature emerging from the snow.

“An owl,” he replied.

 And she did not know him well enough to press for an explanation.”

20th September 2014 – Clinton Kirkpatrick

 “I am working on a scientific formula to calculate exactly how long I must linger in any independently owned coffee shop before hearing a song by veteran singer-songwriter, Bob Dylan. I am harnessing my inner mathematician, using pie charts and bar graphs; time, plotted along the vertical axis, proximity to the Midwest, running like a constant variable along the horizon. I am hypothesizing an average of 7 minutes, the number, for some reason, decreasing if and when a pastry is purchased alongside a caffeinated beverage.”


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