Postcard Project- Salt Lake City


Everyone likes getting postcards. Very rarely does anyone send postcards any more. So, on this trip I’m going to be posting home miniature stories, inspired by things I’ve seen or overheard on my travels, to people who’ve signed up for the project. I have almost 40 folks who asked for a postcard and I’m going to be writing the stories in the order people signed up so I’m hoping, but not promising, to get something to all 40 of you before I return to Belfast.

I’ll also be posting the stories on here so everyone gets a chance to read, but I’ll wait a few weeks first to ensure the recipients get first read at their own short story. These first two are from Salt Lake City. I have to say it took me a few attempts to get into writing such very tiny stories so they’re definitely not my best work but every project has to begin somewhere. Next instalment will be from Los Angeles.


3rd September 2014: Sara Browning

“There were three birds on the fence outside his window. He took this as a sign for there were also three years between them, three steps leading to her door, three letters in the name he had come to know her by. Later he would come to realize this was not her real name, but rather a sign of how the years had reduced her from eight to three, to a negative space, pausing between yes and no.”

4th September 2014: Roger and Michelle Porter

 “Finding herself suddenly alone, she began to explore the room. In the centre was a rug, and beneath the rug, a small, ankle deep pond containing a single goldfish.

 “You didn’t expect to find a friend here, did you?” asked the goldfish.

The girl chose not to answer. She rolled the rug back into its original position and returned to her solitude for she had never appreciated surprises.”


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