The Portland, Weird List


This list could easily have been an awful lot longer, (I purposefully left out at least half a dozen different pedestrians dancing as they waited for the cross lights to turn because I simply couldn’t choose between ballroom, ballet and street style), but here are my top 5 weird Portland moments/observations of the last week. Never a dull moment on the banks of the Willamette.


1. Middle aged man boards the Burnside Bus wearing a business suit and a Flash Gordon era space helmet. No one bats an eyelid.

2. Eight bearded transvestites enjoying their Frappucinos and Lattes in a downtown Starbucks.

3. Drunk woman unsuccessfully attempting to enter house, (not necessarily her house), via the dog flap.

4. Man at the next table in Russian restaurant burps so loudly he buys our entire table vodka as an apology for his rudeness.

5. Woman on downtown bus with half a penis tattoo’d on her thigh, am imagining she sobered up half way through the procedure and decided against the other half.

(Keep them coming PDX I still have 36 hours to be astounded).


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