Malcolm in America

10487477_10152598900117448_2488701824365657078_n (2)

Now Malcolm Orange is no stranger to America. As you can see he’s already been to the Grand Canyon and there’s further evidence afoot that he’s touched down in Death Valley, Oklahoma and possibly New York City; he’s a very well-travelled young man.

I’ve just received a screen shot of next month’s American releases and the good news is that Malcolm’s going to be getting an official release and print run in the USA probably during the first week of August, (he’s off to the printer next week and should be hitting shelves the week after). Lot’s of you have been asking how you can get your hands on a copy of the book. You can order off Amazon US but it would be absolutely fantastic if you could take the time to head down to your local book store and place an order there. This shouldn’t cost anything and will help to stimulate interest in the book and also support your local independent book stores which is something I really strongly believe in.

10377356_10152572842898216_7779049951837955759_n (2)

If you have any links to press, either online or print media in the US I would very much appreciate any introductions. We’ve been able to get lots of press coverage here and it’s really helped sales and also profiling for the book. Give me a wee shout if you know someone who might be able to help and hopefully in the next few weeks The Guardian review should be in to encourage media interest. Press here have been particularly interested in the way older people and issues relating to dementia are profiled in the book and as it’s set in Portland, Oregon, American press might have similar interests.

Finally, I’m just finalising the details for my US trip in September and October. I’ll be in Salt Lake City, LA, Portland, OR, Seattle, Vancouver, Madison, Duluth, Minneapolis, Nashville, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and NYC so if you, or someone you know, has a space which might be interested in hosting a reading or a writing workshop I’d absolutely love to have a chat with you. Can’t wait to see some more photos of Malcolm on his American adventures.

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