New Photos

Last Saturday morning I had an amazing photo shoot with photographer, Jonny Ryder in Common Grounds. I wanted to share a few of my favourite pictures from the session. Am really looking forward to using these images for articles over the next few months. Jonny’s done an amazing job making me look like I might actually belong on a dust jacket. Be sure to check out some more of Jonny’s beautiful photography at

7HhxwNXk0EUOW8dJgjfH-p4OXPYs3kQnnAdPLDT2OUA,_NJIpmBi98ZGWxeCsFTNsRyuS-JKOmfVkGqfZhQTccc  7X_CfJjtAAQ5o66g-2Ga2cYchtc2BzWLbf7WLfYN6T0,IhrLuAaFZnvgKPPmk4s9ZJN0BO51y2HCLlSYXHJgDD4  h0vxEW6d3NKyII1SzZq_9xHfCT4xUvsRGTkKhkFkfUs,JpSdK7ZIKeKPzfCpjT1DSWZoP6qN9YcfdLnKQYJeveo  uqejSJOHo7cVhXppBLo04B0RqtLik8sKo606iG-BFjI,VjVlxr0SqOrSB0mOOjvccckjRzAkUKW0Y7mj871-HuI  5oAha5QDpTUnayG5kjqhSON61xYgG3M83H9zy4uxnLc,m-pGuu4Gpt8HElqb9-nFXkNdcdA7cDTs6We1vvEzryo  RjL7OxKMfPevmPcX6hN5FHI3FajtV9eP-RrpH7eFqXY,dGBOiMHf1wXTLDftokDt27d-1Jk40Q7v4Wt0KaUSLfM



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