March Round Up

600357_639773996046126_663789633_n (2)

It’s been a great wee month for publications. After licking my wounds and writing a blog about being comfortable with rejection, hey presto I got 3 short stories accepted within a week.

(Just in case you think I’m some kind of runaway success story, I also got the “best” rejection email of my life. Having submitted material for a short story competition it was “lovely” to find I didn’t receive a standard “we’ve received your entry” email, didn’t receive a courtesy, “sorry you haven’t been selected” email, but did receive a fantastic photograph of the competition winners drinking champagne and receiving their cheques; there’s nothing like making an author feel valued).

I thought I’d post the links to the two websites and the print journal where I’ve been published this week and if you need something to read whilst having your morning coffee or lingering over your lunchtime sandwiches you can enjoy a wee story on me.

“For Occasionally I am a Boat” (A short story about being a boat) published by Ask What Now

“More of a Handstand Girl” (A short story about building a suit of armour and being allergic to people) published by Storm Cellar online and in print

“The Future” (A short story about the future) published by Gone Lawn

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