No Direction Home 2014



It’s been a busy and exciting week here in Belfast. The final copy edits of Malcolm Orange Disappears are completed, the cover is finished (pictured above with the dedication), and he’s off to the printer in the next few weeks- all set for a launch at the end of May. I also found out that we’ll be releasing the novel in North America towards the end of July. This is fantastic news as I’m going to be touring around the States researching the early life of Bob Dylan for the entirety of August and most of September as part of my next novel, Roundabouts. I’ve now got a great opportunity to double my research trip up with some book promotion and make the most of my summer.

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I’m looking for a little help to organise some North American readings in book stores or at festivals, would also love to do any interviews or radio I can whilst I’m in the States. I’m very open to suggestions and as Malcolm Orange Disappears is set in America and covers a multitude of themes from American identity to aging, childhood and family breakdown, I’m happy to tailor a reading around different themes. (I can also talk about the Dylan research I’m doing for the next novel, Roundabouts). At the minute I have a few contacts mostly on the West Coast but would love to get as many readings as possible scheduled while I travel about all over America. If you know people who might be helpful or have links to book stores or local literary organisations I would be incredibly appreciative of any advice or contacts. A few of these cities I’ve never even been to myself so I’m going to be relying heavily on the kindness of strangers and friends of friends.


Right now my plans are to hit up the following cities, (roughly in this order), beginning on the first week of August and ending around mid/late September. However, if you’ve got great connections in other American cities I’m happy to tweak my travel plans so long as I get to hit up the big Dylan sites en route. Cities are as follow: New York, Philidelphia, Boston, Milwaukee and DC, (possibly Nashville), Minneapolis, Duluth, Madison, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, (possibly San Francisco), Salt Lake City, New York. Yikes, just got extremely excited writing all that down. What a trip

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