My friend Martin Cathcart-Froden- novelist, Swede and man who introduced me to Scandinavian magic realism- is currently studying for a Masters in Creative Writing at Glasgow University. The course dictates, (quite wisely, in my opinion), that students work on a collaborative project with other artists. Last year Martin worked with a musician and illustrator on a project named All at Sea. This year Martin came up with a fantastic project called Bridges and I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate with a handful of other British writers.

The project is themed around the architecture of a bridge. Each 500 word piece, (whether prose or poetry), begins with the same line, ends with the same line and has the same central line, (this was the trickiest part of writing the piece and I was pretty pleased with myself when I found my central line had come in at exactly 250 words in; clearly I’m more of a mathematician than I’d given myself credit for). All of the pieces will be read together at a wonderful arts festival called Hidden Door, which takes place next month, in Edinburgh. Each individual “bridge” piece will fit together to form a new, collaborative piece of architecture.

It was such a pleasure, (and a challenge), to be part of this project and wonderful to think that my own very short story will be slotted in alongside work by people I’ve never met to produce something entirely new. I’m hoping I may make it over to Glasgow for one of the follow up readings in the next month and if so I’ll keep you all updated on the next stage in the Bridges project.


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