New Tricks


The good folks at Culture NI interviewed me last week and the article’s been published here this afternoon It features more pictures of the infamous lawn shoot, pictures of me eating ice cream and wearing a hat and a few deep and insightful questions about my writing process and my journey with literature. The questions actually forced me to think an awful lot about what I’m doing and where I’ve come from and whether this has been more of a planned journey or a stumbling forwards whilst groping in the dark experience, (a little from column A, a little from column B). It was good to be made to think about these things. I don’t know that I’d ever want to make a five year plan or anything as devastatingly concrete but lately I’ve been trying to make more calculated decisions about what to invest my, increasingly limited, time in and having a rough idea of where I’m heading can really help with this kind of decision making.

I’ve also been given the opportunity to write a few articles for Culture NI and maybe some other websites. It’s a long time since I dabbled in journalism but it’ll be a nice change to set aside my fiction head for a few hours. I’ve been reading a lot of Jonathan Franzen and David Foster Wallace lately and I think writers who are chiefly fiction focused often have a refreshing, (and usually very well-written), voice when it comes to writing non-fiction. To set the tone for my new journalistic career here’s a picture of me looking like a hard-nosed journo/Patty Hearst.

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