ACES Update January


For all you good folks who’ve been waiting, with baited breath, for the photos from the Arts Council ACES photo shoot to arrive, today’s your birthday. Here’s a link to an article and some video interviews with the intrepid 12 ACES fundees talking about what we hope to get up to this year. They’re a pretty eclectic and inspiring bunch of individuals and, as you can see from the photos of us larking about on the front lawn of MacNiece House, they’re none too shabby at posing awkwardly with props either. If the arts won’t have us, I think we’d all make fantastic models for a Just Seventeen photo-story.


In other news, my friend and fellow ACES awardee, Nathaniel Joseph McAuley has decided to take some time out of his busy schedule of cravat and sock coordination, to read a beardy poet a week for the duration of 2014. He’s already unto his third and you can follow his adventures in poetry at his brand new blog I thoroughly recommend Nathaniel as both a guide to poetry and sartorial style.


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