Reading Resolutions 2014 (Also Writing)


2013 was a stellar year: bought my first house, first publishing contract, ACES funding, shiny new car AND Chrissie finally left Holby for good. Of course some bad things also happened: Poirot died and I was too sick to go to the Christmas tea dance. However, I have no reason to doubt that 2014 will not be fabulous in its own way. I have drawn up a preliminary list of things to achieve in 2014 and have already made a good start by lying in bed all day, reading Agatha Christie and gnawing at last night’s Stilton. Happy New Year Bookish Friends here’s my good intentions.

1. Read all the books I wanted to read last year but wasn’t allowed to- especially new Donna Tartt, Michael Chabon, Margaret Atwood, Haruki Murakami etc.

2. Read things that are more difficult but not Russian.

3. Write 5,000 words per week.

4. Find a writing spot to write in East Belfast with decent coffee and late night opening, (anyone want to open somewhere).

5. Buy as many books as possible second hand so I don’t have to consider selling a kidney in 2015.

6. Write at least one more play and maybe a radio play.

7. Listen to Flannery O’Connor reading A Good Man in Hard to Find whilst drinking whiskey.

8. Get at least 5 stories published in journals.

9. Finish the fiction section of the next novel by the end of July and then enjoy the American roadtrip of my life, researching Bob Dylan all over the Midwest.

10. Learn how to use commas properly, (also semi-colons).

11. Organize an Agatha Christie themed dinner party.

12. Make some I heart Malcolm Orange badges.

13. Finally make the word processing jump from American spell check, to British spell check.


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