It’s been a great week for publications. Thrilled to announce I’ve had another short story published as part of a fantastic, new online literary journal called Spontaneity. It’s a quick read you could enjoy over a cup of coffee at some stage this week and while you’re on Spontaneity’s home page have a quick read at some of the other great work they’ve included and also the artwork. This particular issue is focused upon the theme of Age and Beauty.

My short story is called “After the Fall” and was inspired by and, written in response to the lesser known, the Arthur Millar play, After the Fall. I was particularly taken with the line

“How brave a homely woman has to be!

How disciplined of her, not to set fire to the Museum of Art.”

and, in this piece, wanted to explore ideas around beauty, age and self-esteem. I particularly loved the jealous violence implicit within the lines from Millar’s play and wanted to place these ideas in a very familiar, almost domestic setting, as a context for my story. You can read it at www.spontaneity.org I hope you enjoy it. (You should also read the Arthur Millar play).

Art work: Light the Way by Leslie Moroney also included in this issue of Spontaneity


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